Dude, you're totally rad.


you don’t understand self-control until your favorite band comes on the radio and you’re with other people




Set in a 1920’s New York where Prohibition outlaws the brewing of spells, the story follows Vincent Byrde, a hard-boiled PI who struggles with a magic curse. After a long career hunting magic bootleggers, Vincent has become obsessed with the frustrating case of Jimmy Wonder: a young, up-and-coming spellrunner who keeps slipping out of the hands of the law. Their dance takes a complicated turn when Kitty Lovelace — well-known to be Jimmy’s main girl  — walks out on Wonder and into Vincent’s life.

Little Foolery presents a Kickstarter for their next book, Small Town Witch! Written by Muun, drawn by me, Jen Doyle helping with colors and Airy for arrangement.

It’s been two years since STW was concepted and it’s so exciting to both Muun and I to be in the final stretch of it. This has been a particularly ambitious project for us, so please check it out and support us!

Special thanks to resident tumblr voice actor prozdvoices and amazing friend Olivia Brown for bringing our characters to life.

The Kickstarter is going on until March 25! Please check it out and support if you like!

Aaaaaaaaaand Small Town Witch breached it’s $7K goal in just 20 hours. Holy cow.

Thank you so, so much. Please keep spreading the word and supporting! If we make it to $15K we can print the book in beautiful hardcover!!

Signal boosting! Please support these wonderful creators and their wonderful project ‘w’


"what music do you like?" is such a stressful question like what do you want to know??? genres?? artists?? albums??? time periods?? 25 most played?? what i’m currently listening to??? what i listen to at different times of the day?? be more specific??????




Brb moving to Giethoorn


ummm yea. ill live there.







#the moment the world fell in love with steve rogers

#the fact that they made us all love him BEFORE he was Captain America

The fact that she is running towards the grenade too. Sobs.

she is running towards the grenade too

Pharrell Williams - Happy
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Pharrell Williams | Happy



a drawing about optimism

I don’t know why but that last line made me laugh really hard



a drawing about optimism

I don’t know why but that last line made me laugh really hard


yo-hoo big Frozen genderbend dump ^———-^


Big Frozen genderbend dump part 2 ^————-^ and quite possible the last for now, I’m tired lol

Part 1 here

I think, after seeing a few comments, that’s valid to add I do this only for fun, and curiosity. I don’t think this version is better than the original


i promise u will not regret these 11 seconds


Please keep this circulating. Cops are getting more and more brazen, know your rights!